Federico Crawford & Associates LLC (FCA) is a licensed and insured company based in metropolitan Washington, DC, providing a full range of consulting and private investigative services for our clients. As former IRS Criminal Investigation Executives, Ed Federico and Dennis Crawford have financial investigative experience providing excellent abilities in all types of “white collar” matters, e.g., tax; anti-money laundering; and suspected embezzlement, theft, and corporate espionage investigations. In addition, their unique backgrounds provide excellent experience to address the other services offered by FCA: due diligence investigations of individuals and businesses; litigation support; compliance; interviews, regardless of complexity or social/economic backgrounds of persons contacted; and sexual harassment and discrimination matters.

Ed Federico and Dennis Crawford’s professional approach permits them to address all of their clients’ requirements. Their experience in federal law enforcement matters, as well as their work with an international investigative firm, includes extensive managerial and executive oversight. This provides them with exceptional abilities to assure quality work products and to view their clients’ investigative needs from a broad perspective.

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FCA also offers a nationwide network of former federal investigators and other former law enforcement officers, providing additional support for our clients. This network provides fast, efficient investigative expertise in virtually all major cities in the United States, as well as many foreign countries. FCA associates include computer forensic experts and individuals with extensive computer database experience, as well as individuals with research capabilities that provide access to public and commercial databases.