Federico Crawford & Associates LLC (FCA) is a licensed and insured company providing a full range of consulting and private investigative services for our clients. As former IRS Criminal Investigation Executives, FCA’s principals, Ed Federico and Dennis Crawford naturally have financial investigative experience that provides excellent abilities in all types of investigative matters. Their post-government private practice experience has added significantly to their investigative proficiency.

However, investigative proficiency is only part of the value FCA provides to their clients. Ed Federico and Dennis Crawford’s extensive managerial and executive experience afford an extremely broad perspective to ensure a truly professional approach in meeting a client’s needs. It is not enough, in today’s world, for an investigation or consulting service to be performed legally. A service performed in a legal, but heavy handed manner may merely lead to more issues. Your reputational risk is frequently the most costly risk. Therefore, FCA will not only work with you to resolve your issues, we will also assure that it is done in a prudent and discreet manner.

FCA, based in metropolitan Washington DC, is able to provide services not only nationwide but worldwide.

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