Banking, Securities, Insurance, Money Services Businesses (MSB), and even non-financial services companies must react to increasing regulatory and law enforcement interest related to global money laundering and terrorism financing. Responsible officials must be alert to effectively monitor transactions, track trends, and report potential money laundering in a timely fashion. Non-financial services sector businesses must ensure they are complying with cash reporting requirements and are not involved, even unwittingly, in money laundering through such methods as the Black Market Peso Scheme. All businesses have to carefully analyze new product lines and acquisitions in light of the legal, reputational, and ultimately, economic risks associated with the Bank Secrecy Act, USA Patriot Act and related statutes or regulations.

FCA is uniquely positioned to help your company or institution steer through the regulatory and statutory landscape of AML. FCA’s principals and associates have both government and private practice AML experience. We are expert in not only stated AML requirements but also what the government expects, but has difficulty articulating, in an effective AML program. This experience translates into efficiency when developing or reviewing our clients’ AML programs and providing guidance on related risk management.

FCA services include, but are not limited to: