FCA is cognizant of the importance of computers in today’s workplace, and their use in almost any questionable activity. Examples of such activity include theft of trade secrets and other proprietary information, embezzlement, theft or destruction of intellectual property, inappropriate workplace conduct, false accusations, corporate espionage, fraud, etc. The subjects of investigation many times are unaware of the amount of incriminating data on the computer, and the difficulty in completely removing that information. The computer forensics expert can often recover such data, even if intentionally deleted.

FCA’s network of associates includes experts in computer forensics. The computer forensics specialist is knowledgeable of all classes of computers and networks, types of peripherals, and software. Upon the initiation of all cases, FCA assesses the possibility of computer use, and formulates a work plan that may involve a computer analyst/investigator. As an important team member on an investigation, the computer forensics specialist assists in the following areas: