Due to the type of investigations FCA handles, it is not unusual that voluminous paper and computerized records must be reviewed and analyzed. This requires organization, knowledge of database resources, and personnel with abilities for effective/efficient record filing and analysis. FCA associates include individuals with such experience, whether the matter involves creating simple excel spreadsheets to capture amounts of embezzled revenue, listing assets identified from investigative searches, or developing complicated databases to analyze tens of thousands of international wire transfers.

FCA associates also include individuals with extensive computer database experience, as well as individuals with research capabilities that provide access to public and commercial databases. In today’s world of the internet and information overload, such database knowledge is invaluable.

The value of having such personnel on investigations can be measured in the information discovered for a client, the ease in presenting and sharing large amounts of data with a client or other members on the investigative/litigation team, and the efficiency gained throughout the information analysis process.