FCA investigates allegations of improper conduct that can prove crucial to defending our clients from criminal or regulatory sanctions. Frequently, a timely and thorough internal investigation will mitigate the severity of a government inquiry and potentially persuade the government to spend their investigative resources elsewhere. FCA works with counsel, management, or an in-house committee to plan and implement an investigation that will meet your needs. FCA also provides expert advice on appropriate courses of action, including creative solutions to reduce future corporate risk.

Anytime you suspect irregularities in your business, FCA will work with you to conduct the appropriate level of internal investigation to identify and correct problems before they evolve into costly disasters. Due to FCA’s expert financial, computer forensic, and interviewing skills we are equipped to unravel the most sophisticated schemes involving tax evasion, embezzlement, theft of confidential or proprietary information, insider trading, or other malfeasance. Even the most skilled transgressors can be identified through FCA’s use of indirect methods of proof.